35 Super Simple Solutions to Boost Positivity @ Work

The key to fostering a positive work culture is to positively impact the micro moments of the day. After all, it is the every day moments – team meetings, hallway conversations, 1:1’s with your boss – that add up to shape the overall employee experience.

Finding small ways to infuse a sense of purpose and meaning in your every day, make gratitude and appreciation contagious and foster connection and fun with colleagues goes a long way to increase positivity and to reduce stress and burnout.

Click HERE for a downloadable summary of 35 easy ways to boost positivity at work with purpose and meaning, gratitude and appreciation, connection with others and fun.

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Beth Ridley is a former corporate executive turned organizational transformation consultant, speaker and author. Beth combines 25 years of global leadership and management consulting experience with expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology to partner with leaders to transform workplace cultures to better achieve their vision and goals. Beth’s work is featured in national publications and she frequently delivers keynotes and workshops at events around the world. Beth lives with her husband and three children in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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