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Be Your Best



Building resilience and a positive mindset is key to being happier and more fulfilled. In this course you’ll be able to lead with optimism at work, positively influence your workplace culture and bring out the best in others. Best of all, you will finally realize that you can build your career without burning out, and climb the corporate ladder while enjoying the journey along the way!



I stand by this amazing course and the impact it can have in your life. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund. 

– Beth Ridley

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You are so in the right spot.


Module 1: Introduction
Here I explain what you will learn in the course, how you will benefit from it, and steps you should follow to get the most out of it. I’ll also share my own experience with chronic workplace stress and why I made this course.

Module 2: Understand Your Stress
This is the first step toward better managing stress. In this module, you will determine how severe your stress is and learn how chronic stress can negatively impact you if unaddressed. You will also uncover root causes of your stress, both external and self-induced, in order to know where to focus your attention.

Module 3: Understand How Your Mind Works
Your mind is both a contributor to stress and your greatest asset to reduce it. Here you will learn how your mind works, including why you have negative thoughts and the power you have to shift your negative emotions to positive thinking and increase your resilience in bad situations.

Module 4: Learn Happy Habits To Increase Positivity
You can increase positivity and resilience by practicing positive thinking techniques that I call “happy habits”. In this module, you will learn 3 happy habits rooted in positive psychology that are proven to work: mindfulness, gratitude and investing in experiences and relationships. You will learn the benefits of each, why they work and examples of how to incorporate them in your daily life.

Module 5: Learn How To Successfully Implement Happy Habits
Consistency is key to deriving benefits from practicing happy habits. In this module, you will learn easy-to-implement tips to consistently incorporate happy habits into your busy day at home and at work so you can make small changes that will have big impacts.

Module 6: Implement Positive Psychology Best Practices at Work
Learn to apply the skills you just learned at work in order to lead with optimism and transform the workplace culture to bring out the best in others.

Module 7: Wrap Up
Time to celebrate for completing the course! Before you leave, I share final tips to make 100% sure you successfully follow through on your efforts and hold yourself accountable for implementing learnings.

Be Your Best




  • 7 video modules, each comprised of 3-6 micro lessons that are 2-7 minutes long each.
  • Self-assessments to gauge your current state of burnout and happiness.
  • Supplemental articles and videos that dive deeper on key topics.
  • Workbook that includes summary of key take-aways from each module,  exercises to reflect on lessons learned, suggestions for how to apply best practices and daily and weekly planners to ensure you successfully implement best practices.
  • Direct access to me to ask questions and share your progress.

“This was an incredibly empowering and inspiring course”

“I never wanted to admit how much I struggled with burnout, but I felt like Beth was talking directly to me and knew exactly how demoralized I’ve felt at work for so long. Learning about positive psychology, how my brain works and the amount of control I have over my emotions was eye opening. It was refreshing to realize there are so many ways to recharge and boost my positivity, and I appreciated the practical tips to help me make prioritizing self-care easy. I go back and re-watch my favorite lessons whenever I need a reminder to put me first without feeling guilty. It lifts my mood every time! 

– Theresa Lewis, Senior Director

Time Commitment

The total course is 90 minutes from beginning to end, broken up into 7 modules and 27 micro-lessons. The course is designed to be easy to digest and complete. Each module is comprised of multiple 2- to 6-minute micro lessons, so they are easy to watch and repeat if you need to. Key take-aways from lessons are summed up at the end of each module to make sure you don’t miss anything important. The accompanying workbook helps you apply lessons in your life right away. You can complete the course at your own pace, but I recommend at a minimum completing one module per week. That gives you time to reflect on lessons learned and complete the related assignments before moving on to the next module. You will have unlimited lifetime access to the course to review again whenever you need a reminder of best practices or reinforcement learnings.

Why I Made This Course

Be Your Best



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