Life is short, so live it fully by discovering joy, adventure, purpose and laughter in every day. Trying new experiences can invigorate your day, improve your mindset and help you to learn and grow. A year of new experiences can be life changing. Use this card deck to make trying one new thing a week for a year easy. Choose a new card each week and follow the instructions or use it to spark your own ideas. From taking an art class to taking a road trip, complete the suggestions solo or get friends and family to join. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your deck and set on your journey to transform your life one new thing at a time! 

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365 Ways Books for Kids and Tweens/Teens

Making the most of time with your kids adds to professional fulfillment and personal happiness. But it’s hard to engage kids in meaningful conversation that deepens relationships. Finally, the days of one-word answers or grunts when I ask my kids, “How was your day?” are over! Now when the kids get home from school, I am ready to ask, “What about today made you feel proud?” or “What happened today that you wish was caught on film?” ⁠

You can also be ready to spark interesting after-school conversation with your kids with our books, 365 Ways to Ask, “How Was Your Day?” – Questions That Don’t Suck to Get Kids Talking.

The idea for these books came about because my kids always responded with, “Fine”, when I asked, “How was your day?” I told them I hate their answers and they told me they hate my question. A boring question, they explained, gets a boring answer. Touche!⁠ Long story short, my kids came up with better questions – 365 of them – guaranteed to get kids talking in complete sentences.⁠ ⁠

Watch this video to learn more about the books and get ideas on how to use them.

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