Achieving professional fulfillment for yourself and cultivating an inspiring culture for others is a journey. Encouragement from like-minded people along the way is key. Here I’ve created online support communities for those who have embarked on the “Try One New Thing a Week” challenge and “Uncuffed” journey.

"One New Thing a Week" Challenge

Life is short, so live it fully by discovering joy, adventure, purpose and laughter in every day. Trying new experiences can invigorate your day, improve your mindset and help you to learn and grow. A year of new experiences can be life changing. Join the “One New Thing a Week” challenge to transform your life with these simple steps:

Watch my video to see how trying one new thing a week for a year helped me overcome burnout at work, inspired myself to take risks and add joy and meaning back into my professional and personal life.

Card Deck

Purchase the "One New Thing a Week" card deck to make the challenge easy and fun.

Facebook Group

Join the “One New Thing a Week” Facebook Group to post your pictures and share your stories, learnings, advice and encouragement with other like-minded people who have also embraced and embarked on the challenge.

"Uncuffed" - Journey to Escape the Golden Handcuffs

Are you on a journey to figure out how to align your career with your values, interests, personality and talents? Are you exploring new career options and considering leaving your corporate gig in search of something more fulfilling? I am, too! Join me and others in the Uncuffed Facebook group to give and get support on our journey to escape the golden handcuffs:

Uncuffed Chronicles

Watch my Uncuffed Chronicles video series to experience the ups and downs of my life after leaving the security of my corporate job to become an entrepreneur in search of more professional fulfillment.

Uncuffed Facebook Group

Join the Uncuffed Facebook Group to share your stories, learnings, advice and encouragement with other like-minded people who are figuring out how to escape (or loosen) the golden handcuffs in search of careers filled with joy and meaning, purpose and passion.

Uncuffed Classes

Consider enrolling in the Escape the Golden Handcuffs class either in person or online to gain clarity on what professional fulfilment means to you, Gain clarity on what professional fulfillment means to you, create an action plan for how to achieve it and gain confidence to take action.

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