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I’m excited to offer a variety of online career wellness courses to support your journey to be a better person, professional and leader…on your own time! Each course draws from my 25 years of corporate leadership experiences, my expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology as well as advice from the 100+ professionals I have interviewed for my blogs and podcasts to offer you practical advice and actionable tips…all under 30 minutes! Don’t see a course you want? Let me know your suggestions.

Getting Clear on Your you can love what you do for a living

Contemplating a career change, but unsure if it’s the right move? Feeling frustrated and stressed out by indecision? I’ve been there! I eventually got clear on my career, but only after spending a lot of time fretting and a lot of money on a career coach. That’s why I created this course – a quick, easy and affordable way to gain clarity about your next career decision that I wish had existed for me.

In this course I will walk you through a four step process to define and prioritize what matters most to you in a career so you can make decisions with clarity and confidence in order to achieve professional fulfillment and success on your own terms. I’ve bundled everything I learned after spending three years and thousands of dollars on coaches into a course that is under 30 minutes and includes a downloadable workbook to make exercises for each step easy – all for only $14.99! Watch the Welcome video to the Course video to learn more.

At the end of the course, you will have a career fulfillment map – a vision depiction of what matters most to you in a career – that you can use as a tool to write a career vision statement and to guide decision-making around career options. Watch the Welcome to the Course video to learn more.

What are you waiting for? Enroll now to take the first step toward doing what you love for a living by getting clear on your career.

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