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Be Your Best without Burning Out

Learn How to Build Resilience and Better Manage Stress at Work

At work, people expect a lot of you and you expect a lot of yourself. It’s no wonder nearly 8 out of 10 people experience burnout at work. If you are tired of feeling tired, anxious and constantly stressed out, this course is for you.

In this course you will learn easy to implement and proven practices to build resiliency and a more positive mindset even in negative situations. This course is designed for busy people so the solutions are super simple and can be easily integrated into your daily life. After all, the goal is to reduce your stress, not add to it. As a result of taking the course, you will have a whole new appreciation for how much power you have over your emotions even when you can’t control things around you. You will be equipped with proven best practices toreduce stress thatare easy to integrate into your busy life. No more excuses for not being able to prioritize self-care! As a result, you willfeel happier and more fulfilled. You will also be able to lead with optimismat work to positively influenceyour workplace culture and bring out the best in others. Best of all, you will finally realize that you can build your career without burning out and climb the corporate ladder while enjoying the journey along the way!


Where is your "Thin Place?"

This course includes:

  • 7 video modules
  • Supplemental articles and videos that dive deeper on key topics
  • Self-assessments to gauge your current state of burnout and happiness
  • Worksheets to help you reflect on learnings
  • Daily and weekly planners to help you apply best practices

Course Contents:

Module 1

Module 1: Introduction to Burnout

You’ve taken the first step toward better managing your stress at work. In this module I will explain what you will learn in the course, how you will benefit from it and steps you should follow to get the most out of it. I’ll also share my own experience with chronic workplace stress and why I made this course.
Module 2

Module 2: Understand Your Stress. 

Understanding your stress as the first step toward better managing it. In this module you will determine how severe your stress is and learn how chronic stress can negatively impact you if unaddressed. You will also uncover root causes of your stress, both external and self-induced, in order to know where to focus to get to better.

Module 3

Module 3: Understand How Your Mind Works.

Your mind is both a contributor to your stress and your greatest asset to reduce your stress. In this module, you will learn how your mind works, including why you have negative thoughts and the power you have to shift your negative emotions to positive thinking to increase your resilience in bad situations.

Module 4

Module 4: Learn Happy Habits to Increase Positivity.

You can increase positivity and resilience by practicing positive thinking techniques that I call “happy habits”. In this module you will learn 3 happy habits rooted in positive psychology that are proven to work –mindfulness, gratitude and investing in experiences and relationships. You will learn the benefits of each, why they work and examples of how to incorporate in your daily life.

Module 5

Module 5: Learn How to Successfully Implement Happy Habits.

Consistency is key to deriving benefits from practicing happy habits. In this module you will learn easy to implement tips to consistently incorporate happy habits into your busy day at home and at work so you can make small changes that will have big impact in your personal and professional life.

Module 6

Module 6: Implement Positive Psychology Best Practices at Work.

There are 24 hours in every day. You don’t need to stop practicing your Happy Habits when you step into the office. In this module you will learn easy ways to implement positive psychology best practices at work in order to bring out the best in others and be a positive influence on your workplace culture.

Module 7

Module 7: Wrap Up.

After completing the course material, you’ll want to begin implementing these learnings into your daily life. In this module, we talk about what the next steps will be for you to manage burnout in your own life with short term tactics and long term strategies.


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