Culture & Crisis

Culture & Crisis

Positive and inclusive workplace cultures inspire us to dream big, learn more, lean in, and become better. These values and behaviors fuel our success in good times and our strength in difficult times. The Brimful Life is here to help your organization thrive in all times by putting people and culture first.

Resources to Respond During Crisis

It’s easy to lead when all’s well; but it is in a crisis when the true meaning of leadership is defined. Use these resources to gain best practices and tips for how to lead with optimism, compassion and courage during uncertainty and difficulty. Gain inspiration from other leaders who tell their stories about how they find ways to boost their own positivity and resilience so they can be a source of strength and calm for others.

Resources to Recover from Crisis

As you start to evaluate the road ahead, it is important to envision a new future, adapt to a new normal, reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself, your team and your organizational culture during crisis and to apply insights to emerge even stronger. Use these resources to help you make the right investments in strategy, leadership and organizational culture as you begin to reimagine and redesign your company post crisis.

OVERVIEW: The experience of going through crisis together can boost positivity and alignment across the organization if managed well. In this workshop, participants reflect on what they’ve learned about themselves, colleagues and company culture during challenging times; learn how to boost positivity and resilience; and apply learnings to build a thriving workplace culture. 

OUTCOMES: Participants a) feel inspired by their colleagues and company and hopeful for the future; b) Learns tips to foster a positive mindset and a positive company culture; c) Commit to doing one new thing to foster positivity at home and at work.

IDEAL AUDIENCE: All employees and/or individual teams.

TIME: Delivered as a half-day workshop (4 hours) or as separate 90 minute sessions.

DELIVERY: Live or virtual. If virtual, I use a variety of modalities (video, webinar, virtual small group discussions) plus photo contests and challenges to drive engagement and learning application.

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OVERVIEW: Participants envision alternative future scenarios, brainstorm implications and opportunities, identify action steps to enable optionality and strengthen your team’s future readiness strategic planning capabilities.

OUTCOMES: Participants develop an action plan that identifies near-term efforts to keep doing, stop doing and start doing based on discussion outcomes.

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Leadership teams.

TIME: 2 hours.

DELIVERY: Facilitated virtual session.

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With change being the new normal, the ability to encourage and embrace different perspectives and harness diversity for better decision-making is critical. I can help you build and advance a culture of diversity and inclusion with these D&I consulting services.

Watch my webinar, Make Diversity a Differentiator, to understand my approach to helping clients design and drive lasting D&I transformation.

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