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Feeling in a rut and like your life is on auto-pilot? Looking to revitalize your mindset and renew your routine? Here you’ll find everything from tips to increase your engagement at work to boost your confidence to take new risks.

4 Ways to Boost Positivity Using Your Phone

No matter their downsides, phones are here to stay, so rather than giving into their evil ways, we need to harness the power of technology for good. There are so many ways phones can improve our lives.

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5 Ways to be a Better Leader with Positive Psychology

Conferences, workshops, consultants, coaches – leaders do it all to build their competencies and improve their teams. But why should you spend all this money when the best approach to being a better leader involves easy tactics you can do for free? (Yes, free!)

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Why Being Busy Should be the New Smoking and Doing Nothing the New Kale

A constant state of busy might sometimes feel like a badge of honor that’s getting you ahead, but it can actually lead to negative outcomes that might impact your career (and life!):

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5 Tips to Push Yourself Before You Are Ready

In order to advance, learn and grow, we must intentionally push beyond our comfort zone and take steps forward – even when we don’t always feel ready to do it.

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4 Career Tips from Retirees

For an exciting project I’m working on, I had the opportunity to interview recent retirees to understand their transition from working life and what makes for a successful retirement. As I listened to their stories and reflections, it struck me that those of us still working should incorporate their lessons learned into our day to day to have more fulfilling lives and careers today. There’s absolutely no need to wait until retirement to live the good life when we can implement these four simple tips while we’re still working.

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3 Tips to Network Like a Boss

Are you a small business owner who’s just starting out? If your business isn’t widely known, it’s likely you’re struggling to sell your products or services. Without a big marketing budget, the best thing you can do is lean on other people to support, vouch and go to bat for you based on the fact that they know, like and trust you.

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How to Escape Today’s Golden Handcuffs

Do you feel stuck at your corporate job – and not just because of money? You might be caught with the modern version of golden handcuffs. Let’s call them rosegolden handcuffs, shall we?

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Want More Courage? Act Like a Kid!

Want more courage to take risks and learn new things? The people who may inspire you the most might surprise you…the kids in your life!

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Why Kids Should Think Like Entrepreneurs

I’m dedicated to teaching my kids to have an entrepreneurial mindset to help them succeed in both their everyday lives and future careers – whatever those may be.

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Experience the Greatest Gift of All

I’ve learned that experiences foster more lasting happiness than material things. That’s why five years ago I started giving the gift of experiences, forgoing material gifts altogether.

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