Solutions to build positive leaders, teams and organizational cultures

Solutions to build positive leaders, teams and organizational cultures

Hi, I’m Beth! I believe a positive, connected and committed organizational culture is critical to business success. That’s why I combined my 25 years of corporate leadership experience with my expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology to create The Brimful Life, a company that helps leaders achieve inclusive and inspiring organizational cultures, high performing teams as well as motivated and committed employees and volunteers.

I work with CEOs and leaders from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups to non-profit organizations. Here’s how I can help you:

Consulting and Advisory Services

Tap into my expertise to uncover root causes of unhealthy organizational cultures and to identify and implement strategies to increase engagement, improve team dynamics and design experiences that bring out the best in everyone. Specific services include:

  • Culture Transformation
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Planning
  • Engagement and Team Building Planning and Execution
  • Executive Coaching and Advising
  • Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation

Keynote Speaker and Workshops

Inspire you audience and provide them with actionable strategies to be their best with one of my engaging presentations or interactive workshops on topics related to positive mindset and impactful leadership,

Positive Products

Use my books and card decks to make team building easy and fun and boosting a positive mindset contagious. These make great gifts for newly appointed leaders and employees receiving promotions as well as gifts for workplace events, workshops, galas and conferences.


Gain inspiration and insights to never settle in your pursuit to be your best by learning from the experiences of remarkable professionals and impactful leaders.

Card Decks to Boost Positivity @ Work

Research shows that practicing mindfulness and gratitude and investing in experiences and relationships leads to increased self-esteem, resiliency, and overall positivity. Use these products to make practicing these “happy habits” easy, fun and contagious.

365 Ways to Ask, “How Was Your Day?” Books

Making the most of precious little time with your kids adds to professional fulfillment and personal happiness. But sometimes it’s hard to engage kids in meaningful conversations that deepen relationships. If you are tired of one-word answers or grunts when you ask your kids, “How was your day”? use these creative queries written and approved by kids instead. They are guaranteed to spark interesting conversation and get kids talking in complete sentences.

Blogs & Vlogs

Feeling in a rut and like your life is on auto-pilot? Looking to revitalize your mindset and renew your routine? Here you’ll find everything from tips to increase your engagement at work to boost your confidence to take new risks.


Stories and advice from people who have taken bold and creative steps to be their best and bring out the best in others. Take a listen and be inspired to never settle in your pursuit to live fully. 

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