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Need to drive more cooperation and less competition among your team? Want to strengthen alignment between business goals and behaviors? Trying to jump start a culture of diversity and inclusion? I can help!

Building positive teams and cultures doesn’t always mean investing in big transformation initiatives. The key to driving positive change is to bring positive values to life consistently in the micro moments of every day. I partner with executives to transform leadership teams and organizational cultures for the better by embracing easy to implement strategies rooted in positive psychology and diversity and inclusion principles. These strategies achieve results because they actually get implemented!

In consulting with you as an individual leader or with your leadership team, I’ll partner with you along your culture transformation journey. As your needs and goals evolve, I’ll help you every step of the way, connecting to your company’s strategy, adjusting your tactics and evaluating the results as we go.

Start with my facilitated sessions (live or virtual) to engage your team. Explore important leadership competencies, strengthen skills, gain easy tips to apply learnings and...have fun!

Simplify and Demystify Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Make Diversity a Differentiator for Success

Be Your Best Without Burning Out

Be a Better Leader with Positive Psychology

Increase Your Impact at Work with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Build a Culture of Inclusion, Innovation and Resilience

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources & Services

In my humble opinion, we sometimes make building a culture of diversity and inclusion much harder than it needs to be. Based on my experience leading diverse teams in five different countries and leading D&I for a Fortune 100 company, D&I is really about embracing a D&I mindset and bringing D&I values to life in day-to-day interactions. I’m passionate about simplifying and demystifying D&I for leaders so I’ve created the resources and services below to help leaders jump start their D&I journey today. 
Life is Short. Live it Fully!

I want to help you fill life with joy and meaning by achieving professional fulfillment and personal happiness. Through my content, products and services, get ideas, inspiration and solutions to make living fully possible!

Research shows that making mindfulness and gratitude a habit and investing in experiences and relationships improves your wellbeing and overall positivity. Use these cards to make incorporating “happy habits” into your daily routine easy, fun, contagious and well…less routine.


Make the precious, little time you have with your kids count and deepen relationship with them! To avoid getting one-word answers or grunts when you ask your kids, “How was your day”? use these creative queries written and approved by kids instead. These questions are guaranteed to spark interesting conversation and get kids talking in complete sentences.


Feeling in a rut and like your life is on auto-pilot? Looking for easy ways to revitalize your mindset and renew your routine? Here you’ll find everything from tips to increase your engagement at work to boost your confidence to take new risks.


Want to bring The Brimful Life ideas and values to your organization? Hire me to speak. Hire me to teach. Hire me to coach. Hire me to consult.



Beth believes a positive, connected and committed organizational culture is critical to business success. That’s why she combined her 25 years of corporate leadership and management consulting experience with her expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology to launch, The Brimful Life, a consulting firm that works with executives to strengthen their leadership skills and transform their leadership teams and organizational cultures to better support the organization’s vision and strategic goals.

In addition, The Brimful Life podcast series, keynote presentations and workshops inspire and equip leaders to put people and culture first.

Beth has lived and worked in London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Boston and New York City. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Virginia, a MA in International Relations from Tufts University and an MBA from Columbia University.

Beth lives a brimful life by spending time with her husband and three kids and with running, speed skating and watching cooking competition shows on TV which is ironic because she hates to cook.

Ready to be your best and bring out the best in others? Let’s talk!

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